In today's fast-paced world many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to plan delicious, healthy meals for themselves and their families. More and more people choose to eat "on the run" and this often includes picking up fast-food for themselves and their children at the end of a long workday.

eMeals is founded on a totally different concept than other weight loss programs. The idea for eMeals actually began with two sisters from Birmingham, Alabama, Jane DeLaney and Jenny Cochran. These two women (who are mothers, wives, and lead incredibly busy lives) found that trying to put nutritious, home-cooked meals on the dinner table every night was a lesson in frustration.

After brainstorming about the challenge they and millions of other people were facing with meal planning, they put together a talented team of meal planners, experienced home cooks, and savvy technical people to try and come up with a solution. And so it was that in 2003, eMeals became a reality.

How eMeals Works

eMeals does not deliver actual food to its customers. The program encourages people to plan and cook nutritionally balanced and delicious meals by providing meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes to simplify the entire process. Here's how it works:

Types of meal plans offered

eMeals provides its members with recipes that are creative, fresh, and budget-friendly. Unlike other weight-loss programs, eMeals allows you to eat natural, fresh foods which you buy and prepare. There are no frozen, microwave-able dishes to re-heat. What you get are delicious, perfectly proportioned meals that you and your entire family will enjoy and benefit from.

eMeals offers many different types of meals. These include:

The Cost of eMeals

Putting a great home-made meal on the dinner table has never been easier. Visit the eMeals website and sign up to start receiving your recipes. It's simple and quick!
  1. Choose the plan you want. Just select your family size and what style of food you prefer. You may change your selections at any time.
  2. Check your order. You can choose from three subscription lengths:
    • 3 months - $21 ($7 per month)
    • 6 months - $35 (less than $6 per month)
    • 12 months - $58 (less than $5 per month)

Your subscription will automatically renew unless you notify eMeals in advance.

You may also select the Weekday Lunch package which consists of recipes for 5 packable lunches for up to 4 people. This costs an additional $4 per month.

There is also a Healthy Breakfast package which provides quick and easy breakfast recipes for up to 4 people. This service costs an additional $3 per month.

Press Highlights

eMeals has been featured in various national publications. These include Southern Living, Shape, Redbook, The New York Times, and Business Week.

Dave Ramsey, host of the syndicated radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show, is a personal finance expert and best-selling author. Dave heartily recommends eMeals by explaining, "Food is the biggest budget buster of all. Thousands of my listeners subscribe to eMeals. You will save a ton of time and money."