BistroMD is an online weight-loss company which provides its customers with nutritionally balanced meals delivered directly to their homes. Experienced professionals are also available to answer any questions prospective clients may have about the program by calling 1-866-401-3438.

BistroMD was founded by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. and her husband Ed Cederquist. The impetus to begin their company largely came from Dr. Cederquist's work with bariatric patients, many of whom had struggled throughout their entire lives with weight problems and obesity. Listening to their stories made the couple realize that other weight loss programs were lacking in many areas, including offering freeze-dried, tasteless meals that were unappetizing in both appearance and flavor, and providing little or no guidance during the weight loss process and after.

BistroMD understands that losing weight is much more complicated than just "eating less" and "exercising more". Many times, a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits needs to be addressed and all the emotional baggage which comes with it. For this reason, Dr. Cederquist and Mr. Cederquist focus on creating metabolism-correcting, nutritious meals consisting of fresh, tasty, and generously proportioned servings. They combine this with simple, easy-to-follow guidelines that each BistroMD member can easily incorporate into their everyday lives. In addition, a registered Dietician is always available to every member at no extra cost.

How The Plan Works

BistroMD believes that eating healthy can be easy. By providing you with delicious, nutritionally balanced meals, reaching your goal weight can be achieved safely and at a healthy pace. Many other diet programs advertise rapid weight-loss as an inducement to potential customers. While many people may lose a lot of pounds in the beginning, experience and medical data suggest that the majority of these people end up putting on even more pounds once they go off the program.

BistroMD offers 4 easy steps to reach your goal:

Additional Support

BistroMD offers its clients many different resources to help them succeed. Each week, members receive the very latest information regarding weight loss tips, other health information, and fitness suggestions. When you join BistroMD, a registered Dietician will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have related to your weight loss program. These professionals are adept at coming up with solutions to help you overcome any hurdles and stay on track.

BistroMD provides its members with accurate facts and information about different health conditions and how they can affect your weight loss. As a BistroMD member, you will also learn how to take care of your mind and body while you are successfully losing weight on the meal plan.

Lastly, BistroMD offers online support to help plan your workouts and keep track of your fitness progress. You will learn about the latest trends and how you can gradually, safely, and effectively introduce more physical activity into your daily routine.

The Cost of the BistroMD Meal Program

The BistroMD meal program begins with members choosing either a 5 days-per-week program or a 7 days-per-week program. Both of these options come with additional daily snacks, if desired.

The meal plans range from $129.95 per week for a 5 days-per-week plan without snacks to $179.95 for a 7 days-per-week plan with additional daily snacks. Special dietary needs and preferences are always considered when putting together an overall meal plan. All of the food at BistroMD is prepared fresh and delivered directly to each member's doorstep.


BistroMD has been featured in many national publications such as Health Magazine, Living Well, Shape, and the Huffington Post. Dr. Phil has called BistroMD the "Best Home Meal Delivery" program.