These Weight-Loss Tips Can Help You Shed Your Debt

It seems that Americans are more concerned about the way they look rather than the amount of debt they have. The personal finance company Credit Karma recently conducted a survey of nearly 1500 adults that had some surprising results! Almost 72% of the people interviewed stated that they would rather keep their current level of debt than be debt-free but also experience a weight gain of 25 pounds.

Perhaps it's because people are reminded of how they look on practically a daily basis that the idea of carrying an additional 25 pounds evokes such strong negative reactions. Maybe if these same people were more aware of the harmful effects that owing so much money causes they would be much more motivated to shed their debt as well.

Nearly 75% of Americans have some type of debt. So why not use the same tactics that weight-loss experts have been recommending for years and direct that energy into losing your debt? Here are some great ideas which dieticians have found to be successful when dealing with weight-loss issues. These can just as easily be applied to getting rid of your debt.

Shed Your Debt with These Weight-Loss Tactics